Abhinav kumar

Research Engineer

Abhinav Kumar is a Research Engineer in the Multimedia Analytics area within the Data Analytics Lab at Conduent Labs India. His research interests lie in the domains of Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning. Apart from this, Abhinav is also interested in mathematical optimization and algorithms. At Conduent Labs India, Abhinav has worked on Breast Cancer Screening using Thermography and is currently working on License Plate Recognition.

Prior to joining Xerox in 2016, Abhinav was a Masters student at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in the Department of Electrical Engineering with the final year thesis titled ‘Estimation of Grayscale Images from their Noise Corrupted Binary Pixels’. During this time, his focus was on applications of statistics and optimization to Image Denoising and deep learning to Object Classification. Before that, he was also a member of TCS Innovation Labs, Kolkata where he worked on analytics of mobile sensor data. He had obtained his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Patna. During his undergraduate studies, he had spent his summers at Department of Computer Science, IIT Bombay and Bio-Image Analytics Lab, University of Houston in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

Apart from his research, Abhinav is also interested in reading Hindi books, playing computer games and listening to music. He also likes to learn languages and maintains a blog named ‘Dhibari’ at wordpress.

• Email: Abhinav [dot] Kumar [at] conduent [dot] com

  • • Nasim Ahmed, Avik Ghose, Amit Agrawal, Chirabrata Bhaumik, Vivek Chandel, Abhinav Kumar "Smartevactrak: A people counting and coarse-level localization solution for efficient evacuation of large buildings" in IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communication Workshops (PerCom Workshops), St. Louis, USA, March 2015.

  • • Avik Ghose, Abhinav Kumar, Chirabrata Bhaumik, Arpan Pal “Estimation of Direction of Motion of Users on Mobile Devices”, Patent Application Filed, 2015.