Arun Koushik Parthasarathy

Senior Software Engineer

Arun Koushik Parthasarathy, Senior Software Engineer, joined XRCI SW Lab in February 2014. Since then, Arun has collaborated with various XIG projects - AutoMerge (Video Analytics), Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostics (Thermal Imaging), Transport Scheduler (Analytics - Software Architecture), Robotic Process Automation. He was also part of the Micro Services Architecture project with SW Lab. With 12+ years of experience in the Industry and Academic research, Arun understands both Research and Software worlds. He is proficient in translating Research prototypes to Building end-to-end Software engineering solutions for businesses to consume. He is interested in Architecting Software Solutions in Healthcare, Transportation and Robotic process Automation verticals. He has an inclination for Video/image processing, computer vision, Analytics research. He holds M.S in Electrical & computer Engineering from Northeastern Univ., Boston. and B.E in electrical and Electronics Engineering from The National Institute of Engg. Mysore. Outside work, he is interested in various forms of arts, literature and travelling.

  • • K. Venkataramani, H. Madhu, S. Sharma, H. V. Ramprakash, A. Rajendra, A. K. Parthasarathy, G. Manjunath and L.K. Mestha “Initial evaluation of human supervised automated breast cancer screening using thermography”. Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Asia Conference, July 6-10, 2015, Mamallapuram, India

  • • Ajith Ramanth, Mridula Singh, Arun Parthasarathy, Vinaya Sathyanarayana, Special Mention Award, 3rd IIMB Policy Hackathon. App for Governance track. 9th International Conference on Public Policy and Management, IIM Banaglore.

  • Automatic segmentation of Breast tissue in Thermo graphic images.

  • • A software tool for breast cancer screening.