Shisagnee Banerjee

Research Engineer

Shisagnee works as a Research Engineer in the Mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) team in the Services Innovation Lab of Conduent labs India. She has worked on projects pertaining to Health and Wellness domains. She is working in Crime Analytics and Vehicle health management. Her research expertise area is Applied Machine Learning and Data Analytics. The crime analytics Research she does will directly impact the policing departments of some cities in the world. Her work on health and wellness helps people achieve their wellness goals and thus lead to a healthier society. Her goals in life coincide with her line of research.

She has completed her M.Tech from IIIT Delhi in 2016. She is from the “city of joy” but has lived in all the major cities in India (including Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore) in the last few years.

She is an absolute foodie and loves to read and paint and travel. Mystery novels and charcoals being her specialty.


• Email: Shisagnee [dot] Banerjee [at] conduent [dot] com

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