Krishnaprasad Narayanan

Research Engineer

Krishnaprasad Narayanan is a Research Engineer in the Platforms, Tools and Technologies area at Conduent Labs India. His research interests include virtualization, performance benchmarking, big data tools and technologies, applying asynchronous frameworks for developing microservices, monitoring and management systems in clouds and energy efficiency of virtual data centers. At Conduent Labs India, Krishnaprasad has worked on projects such as Queuing Microservice and Task Allocation. For the latter, he has implemented some of the backend functionalities using Vertx. He is currently associated with projects on Cloud Transformation, Task Allocation and Microservices. His broader vision is to collaborate with researchers and engineers of different domains and enable transforming the research assets to the cloud.

Prior to joining Xerox in 2016, he was working as a research assistant for the Efficient Computing and Storage group at the University of Mainz, Germany. During this period, he was associated with an EU project EASI-CLOUDS where he setup the cloud infrastructure and offered services and support to different partners in the project. He contributed to a research paper which describes the monitoring architecture and reasons about its scalability. Further, he was also a co-author of two other research papers which considered aspects of the EASI-CLOUDS project and which were respectively published in the proceedings of the IWSG workshop and in the journal of Concurrency and Computation. Besides EASI-CLOUDS, he was working as a web application developer in the project GreenPAD where he developed a portal which visualizes the status of a cloud system, especially data relevant for energy-aware VM scheduling. In the context of GreenPAD, Krishnaprasad worked in a sub project VM Power Prediction which was related to estimation of resource and energy consumption of a set of virtual machines in a co-scheduled environment.

Apart from his interests in research, he likes playing Mridhangam, indoor and outdoor sports and taking pictures of landscapes.


• Email: krishnaprasad [dot] narayanan [at] conduent [dot] com

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