Narendra Annamaneni

Research Engineer

Narendra Annamaneni is a Research Engineer in the Algorithms and Optimization area within the Data Analytics Lab at Conduent Labs India. His research interests lie in the domains of algorithms and building large scale machine learning systems and data analytics to enhance the services. At Conduent Labs India, Narendra has worked on projects such as Xhare-A-Ride, SWOT and Prepaid cards. His broader vision is to work on building system which can learn using ML algorithms. Narendra believes that collaboration is a key component of good research, and is interested in working with researchers and other development engineers, both within Conduent, and in academia.

Prior to joining Xerox in 2014, Narendra was pursuing his bachelors and masters degree in computer science and engineering from the IIIT Hyderbad. During his masters time he was working on the Anomaly detection in the annotated corpora problem in the area of Natural language processing. He was also working on the Question generation systems during his masters. Narendra was a recipient of a pratiba fellowship from Andhra Pradesh state government during his bachelors. His research has led to 4 publications and 5 filed patent applications.

Apart from his research, Narendra is also interested in political and societal issues, cricket and yoga.


• Email: Narendra [dot] Annamaneni [at] conduent [dot] com

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