Raja Subramaniam T

Senior Research Engineer - Algorithm & Optimization

Raja Subramaniam is a Senior Research Engineer in the Algorithms and Optimization area within the Data Analytics Lab at Conduent Labs India. His research works lie in the domains of optimization algorithms and geo-spatial data engineering in transportation. He also has keen interest on architecting large scale system, performance engineering, application security and automated software engineering (especially model-driven approach). At Conduent Labs India, Raja has worked on projects such as Xhare-A-Ride, XTrack, and Avatar. His broader vision is to solve real-world problems with the power of computing. Raja believes that collaboration is a key component of good research, and is interested in working with researchers and development engineers, both within Conduent, and in academia.

Prior to joining Xerox in 2014, Raja was a technical architect at Tata Conultancy Services, where his focus was on architecting large scale enterprise applications. He has a Master degree on computer science from IIT-Madras. His research has led to 6 publications and 6 filed patent applications.

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  • “SkiMan (Skill Manager) - a system and a method for using an organization’s skill gap projections and employee’s learning ability to manage skill training for employees”, Patent Application Filed, 2014.