Ragavendran Gopalakrishnan

Research Scientist | Acting Area Manager - Algorithms & Optimization

Raga Gopalakrishnan is a Research Scientist and acting Research Manager in the Algorithms and Optimization area at Conduent Labs India. His research interests lie in the domains of applied algorithmic economics (game theory and mechanism design), operations research, and service science (performance modelling and queueing theory), with applications to incentivizing sustainable behavior (primarily in transportation). At Conduent Labs India, Raga has worked on projects such as Xhare-A-Ride, Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Management, and Modelling and Analytics Technology for Cooperative Apportioning of Costs and Benefits. His broader vision is to work on key optimization problems in resource allocation/utilization that arise when confronting the challenges associated with building a sustainable future and the next generation mobility solutions. Raga believes that collaboration is a key component of good research, and is interested in working with researchers and development engineers, both within Conduent, and in academia.

Prior to joining Xerox in 2015, Raga was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering, after having obtained his Masters and Ph. D. in Computer Science from Caltech. During this time, his focus was on utility design in distributed optimization, cost sharing mechanism design in distributed resource allocation, and systemic incentive design in multi-server service systems. Raga was a recipient of a special division fellowship from Caltech during his first year of graduate study. His research has led to 15+ publications and 4 filed patent applications. Raga has received awards for driving scientific excellence at Conduent Labs India, and for his contributions to the successful pilot of "Go Bengaluru", a multimodal trip planning app in Bangalore, India.

Apart from his research, Raga is also interested in medium-distance running, LGBT inclusion, and civil rights litigation.


• Email: Ragavendran [dot] Gopalakrishnan [at] conduent [dot] com

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