Satish Prasad Rath

Principal Research Scientist

Dr Satish Prasad Rath is an MD with 17 years of experience in biomedical informatics. His research interests are “health systems design”, “clinical decision support systems” with cognitive systems, healthcare economics, behavioural models, usability, artificial intelligence in medicine being the drivers. He has led labs at Philips research, Intel Labs and Wipro CTO office. Few notable experiences are , one of the earliest design thinking led BOP ( bottom of the pyramid) Lab, one of the earliest multi -sensory wearable, highly cited comprehensive mhealth platform “Jog Falls” , “mPersuasion” – behavioural model based engagement/ adherence models with mobile devices as means of influence , the first remote pregnancy monitoring platform – “Wipro Assure Health” and physiological key based continuous authentication systems . He has around 10 patents and multiple publication. He is visiting faculty and mentor at telemedicine school of India, various universities , and incubators-accelerators.