Tridib Mukherjee

Area Manager - Platform Tools & Technologies

Tridib Mukherjee is Area Manager and Senior Scientist. His technical interests include Distributed Computing, Large-scale Platforms, Cloud Computing, Big-data Platforms, Microservices & Container Technologies, Green Computing, and Mobile Computing with applications in various services domains. In Conduent Labs India, Tridib has been leading various efforts in efficient delivery of service offerings and other enterprise applications. He drives a strong research agenda in the domains of scalable service delivery platforms, business process modeling and optimizations, and advanced software engineering. His work on CloudAdvisor, a cloud configuration recommendation system for enterprise application, won the prestigious IEEE Cloud Cup in 2013. He is currently working on platform optimizations in enterprise cloud environments, as well as large- scale mobile sensing and analytics offerings for city governance.

Prior to joining Xerox in 2011, Tridib was a postdoctoral research scholar at the Arizona State University (ASU) in the Department of Computer Science, after completing his Ph. D. in Computer Science from ASU. During this time, he focused on workload management for green virtualized cloud data centers using data-driven modeling, analysis, and combinatorial optimization techniques; and safe and sustainable body sensor networks using model-driven design and analysis. Tridib has co-authored a book from the Cambridge University Press, multiple book chapters, and published 50+ papers in reputed journals and conferences with 1000+ citations. He has 30+ filed/granted US patents.

Apart from his research, Tridib is also interested in is also interested in football, cricket, world cinemas, and photography.


• Email: Tridib [dot] Mukherjee [at] conduent [dot] com

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