Transportation Innovation


An on-demand urban mobility service that integrates ridesharing functionality seamlessly into a multimodal trip planner.

Today, we are witnessing a seismic shift in how urban mobility is getting reshaped by disruption due to the rise of "Mobility as a Service" (MaaS), which combines different modes of transport to provide a seamless experience. The fast-paced growth of ridesharing services indicates the people's willingness to embrace this transformation. Xhare-A-Ride aims to provide a valuable addition to Conduent's offerings in the Mobility Marketplace keep up with this emerging trend in order to capitalize on the gap between the rising demand for MaaS on the one hand and the increasingly scattered multitude of options to choose from on the other hand.

Private car ridesharing can significantly expand the reach of transit networks while reducing congestion. However, no existing trip planning solutions allow peer-to-peer ridesharing as one of the modes of transport. Moreover, ridesharing itself suffers from certain key issues which hinder its adoption, such as inconvenience due to unexpected detours, and trust/safety concerns.

Xhare-A-Ride takes a significant step towards the ultimate goal of having a single, universal urban mobility app that would be a one-stop solution for end-to-end travel needs.

Our Approach

Xhare-A-Ride (XAR) is a powerful, scalable platform that facilitates the integration of both scheduled and on-demand modes of transport in creating efficient multimodal trips. These trip options are then communicated as suggestions to users through a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms.

Examples of the innovative features that comprise the XAR platform include a fair cost-sharing scheme that explicitly quantifies the inconvenience to existing passengers due to the pickup of a new passenger and compensates for it in real-time, estimating the ETA of a previous (scheduled) leg of a multimodal trip and automatically booking an on-demand service (subsequent leg) so as to provide a seamless travel experience void of delays at transfer points, and context-aware and power-aware GPS tracking to support value-added features that enhance user experience.

Business Engagements

Successful launch of Go Bengaluru app in late 2016, in line with the Go LA and Go Denver launches.
Scheduled launch of integrated ridesharing features in 2017.

Technical Accomplishments

"Method and System for Real Time Ridesharing Management," Patent Filed.
"Method and System for Cost Sharing in a Pooled Vehicle," Patent Filed.
"A System and Method for Optimal Automated Booking of On-Demand Transportation in Multi-Modal Journeys," Patent Filed.
"System and Method for Smart, Rational and Collaborative Location Tracking for Trip Planners," Patent Filed.

Scientific Impact

"Learning to partition using score based compatibilties," accepted for publication as a full research paper in the 16th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS), 2017.
"Optimal automated booking of on-demand transportation in multimodal journeys," published in the 23rd World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), 2016. Distinguished Scientific Paper Award.