Transportation Innovation

Operational Analytics for Police Business Intelligence

Understanding the impact of socio-economic events on crimes, forecast crime trends and patterns, and recommending enhanced operational efficiency for law enforcement agencies.

Cities of the world are in the process of quickly transitioning towards smarter, more responsive, and flexible societies, as well as government agencies. Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to improve the intelligence of the cities, promote interaction between residents and agencies, enhance the reliability and operational efficiency, as well as reduce costs and resource consumption. IoT systems (mobiles, wearables, sensors), in combination with social media and other web-based data sources, can leverage the collective intelligence of citizens and government agencies, to enable an efficient and improved lifestyle for sustainable cities across multiple dimensions, e.g., smarter facilities, connected healthcare, smart transportation, intelligent civic agencies, and more vigilant law enforcement.

Our Approach

Our researchers are building an analytics engine for Conduent’s Police Business intelligence (PBI) platform that identifies key crime performance indicators which reflect operational efficiency and situational awareness. The capabilities of the offering include processing a diverse set of data sources (e.g. crime, arrest, operational schedules, demographics, mobile apps, social media), spatio-temporal comparison and benchmarking based on KPIs across different law enforcement agencies, and a wide range of insights including impacts of events on crime, forecasts on crime trends and patterns, and recommendations for enhanced operational efficiency in the police force. Our offering builds on core functionalities and components of Conduent’s existing PBI and Mobility Analytics Platforms to provide a rich visualization dashboard for law enforcement agencies. It is targeted for early adoption in 2017 by transport policing (namely the LA Sherriff’s Department and MTA); however, the core analytics modules are applicable for other law enforcement agencies as well.

Business Engagements

Integration of operational analytics modules with the PBI platform is in progress.
Pilots and additional client engagements expected in 2017.

Technical Accomplishments

"CriMeClusT: Mixture model based Time-series Clustering of Crime data across spatial entities," Patent Being Filed.

Scientific Impact

"Janayuja: A People-centric Platform to Generate Reliable and Actionable Insights for Civic Agencies," published in the 6th Annual Symposium on Computing for Development (ACM DEV), 2015.
"PISCES: Participatory Incentive Strategies for Effective Community Engagement in Smart Cities," published in the 3rd AAAI Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing (HCOMP), 2015.