Business Transformation Innovation

EMMi: Efficient Management of Microservices for Enterprise Service Delivery Excellence

A queuing microservice in an enterprise cloud, for the consumption of Conduent's client-facing applications.

Large enterprises are gradually moving away from a monolithic style of building software applications. There are several disadvantages of such monolithic software applications. With each release, typically, more code is added which leads to a larger and more complex application. With such a large codebase, many application life-cycle management phases (e.g., fault localization) become difficult. Larger applications also require higher start-up times and thus slow down the development and operations. Additionally, they are not suitable for adoption of new technologies and subsequent changes.

Our Approach

Motivated by the drawbacks of monolithic software development, we use a microservices-based approach where software applications are designed as suites of independently deployable services, thereby promoting modularity and reusability of software components across diverse business units of an enterprise. Modularity brings speed and agility when delivering an offering to a client. Reusability cuts down the cost of operations. The combined effect results in shrinking the time-to-market, and businesses get uniquely positioned by rapidly offering automation- and analytics-driven services to clients.

Business Engagements

At Conduent Labs India, we have partnered with Conduent's Information Technology Solutions (ITS) organization to drive transformational changes in the way next-generation software and services are delivered. Specifically, we designed and developed a reusable queuing microservice that can be consumed by a number of core enterprise tools. Using the cloud-based automation in Microsoft Azure Service Fabric, the queuing microservice is expected to process billions of documents in sub-second response time. This hyper-scalability greatly improves customer experience.

A developed queuing microservice is planned to be released as part of an offering that caters to Conduent's commercial clients in the Transaction Processing domain.

Technical Accomplishments

“Method and System for Provisioning Application on Physical Machines Using Operating System Containers,” Patent Filed.