Business Transformation Innovation

Cloud Enabled Transformation of Business & Innovation Platforms

Driven by the need to improve business agility, and buoyed by the cost arbitrage offered, businesses are moving to modernize services platforms through the cloud.

Many enterprise offerings lack modularity and reusability of components, leading to duplication of services across various enterprise tools and platforms, and consequently, higher cost overhead. Moreover, the ability of most enterprise platforms and solutions in adapting to today’s fast-changing market demands is often limited, leading to increased time-to-market of innovation and business assets. Revenue loss, as a consequence of this, acts as a deterrent to infuse rapid innovation into business offerings and continue to maintain differentiation within the dynamic markets of modern times. While there have been significant advances in the technology ecosystem ranging from big data tools to modern software architecture and DevOps, harnessing the power of these technologies to transform the business and innovation assets is imperative.

Our Approach

We focus on ways to ingest innovation assets, driven by large scale data and analytics, seamlessly into business production. To this effect, we leverage new-age tools and technologies (e.g., Azure HDInsight, Cortana Intelligence Suite, Hadoop Stack) as appropriate. To promote reusability and modularity of software components, we are further leveraging modern approaches such as microservices architecture. As an example, to modernize the client applications involving large scale transaction processing, a queuing microservice is designed, developed, and deployed on Microsoft Azure Service Fabric platform for reconsumption within a multitude of enterprise tools. Additionally, our automation and analytics innovations are driving the adoption of state-of-the-art cloud container technologies (e.g., Docker), which are used as execution environments for microservices.

Business Engagements

Scheduled launch of product offering using queuing microservices in 2017.
Successful delivery of queuing microservices in late 2016.

Scientific Impact

"A Cooperative Management System for Docker Container Images," accepted for publication as a full research paper in the International Conference for Cloud Engineering (IC2E), 2017.
"QoS Driven Management of Business Process Variants in Cloud Based Execution Environments," published as a full research paper in the 14th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC), 2016.
"SCoPe: A Decision System for Large Scale Container Provisioning Management," published as a full research paper in the 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD), 2016.