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We are Hiring !

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
- Alan Kay, 1971

At Conduent Labs India, our mission is to develop technology innovations that help our clients achieve transformational impact in their businesses. We regard the entire world as our playing field, with a special focus on addressing the unique challenges facing emerging markets like India. We see healthcare providers trying to improve the quality of healthcare by utilizing information technology. We see crowded cities where authorities need to find ways of reducing the tedium in basic tasks, like a daily commute to work. We see a growing wave of young people entering the workforce who need to be well educated and given the right skills. In these challenges, we see amazing opportunities for inventing the future, in a manner that is locally relevant and globally applicable - thereby helping our clients touch the lives of real people. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey

We offer internship opportunities in Computer Science, Software Platforms, Statistics, Human Computer Interaction and other relevant disciplines. We accept applications from students at various levels in their academic life, from Undergraduate to Ph.D. candidates from best universities across the globe. Selected interns will get an opportunity to work in Bangalore with our researchers.

We are also looking to hire full time Research Scientists and Engineers for specific competencies including Machine Learning & Statistics, Algorithms & Optimization, Platform Tools & Technologies, Mobile/IoT systems, and User Experience Design. Those joining us will be encouraged/ expected to :-

• pursue cutting-edge research in a challenging and stimulating environment.
• create and deliver innovative technical solutions for business transformation & impact.
• leverage advanced development tools and technologies to build products and offerings.
• publish papers in top scientific conferences and journals, and
• contribute actively to the generation of intellectual property

Interested Candidates can contact us on Career.Labs.India@conduent.com

For general queries, please reach us on Labs.India@conduent.com