Advanced Software Development

The Advanced Software Development team is the vehicle of Conduent Labs India that delivers its mission of building innovation assets across a broad spectrum of technologies in a fast-paced, agile manner. Our engineers work across the different research capabilities within the lab to quickly take a research idea from theory to practice. Specifically, the aim is to build a prototype as soon as possible that can deliver on its promise of solving the business problem while avoiding longer SDLCs of enterprise technologies. Successful projects in the past have reached commercialization, pilot evaluations, and spin-offs.

The team consists of engineers with strong R&D background and expertise in advanced software development of products and services specific to various business domains. Our strength is in collaborating with researchers, business groups, and customers to build state-of-the-art, domain-specific applications and solutions. The collaborative capabilities range from prototyping of proofs of concept to their realization as innovation products (or services), and include functionalities like software design, project management, architecture, development, and technology transfer. We integrate multiple technologies - at times not available in standard enterprise tools - for some of the advanced research functionalities incorporated in a working prototype.